Norse Viking Soap

Why choose Norse Viking Soap?

Wondering whether to order or not? Surprisingly,
this may not be the right soap for you.

Mass-produced soaps of today

Throughout the 1900s, soap manufacturers started removing natural ingredients from soaps to streamline production and reduce costs. We were forced to use soaps with unhealthy ingredients that dried our skin. Natural soaps became increasingly rare.



A lot of soaps sold today contain mineral oils. These are leftovers from production of motor oil and fuel and are used as a cheap replacement for vegetable oil and fat.

In addition to being bad for the environment, mineral oils can disrupt your skin’s production of tallow, prevent absorption of vitamins and minerals, prevent sweat, block your skin’s pores, and cause acne. Your skin becomes dependent on these oils and will become dry and irritated without them.

Take for example lip balm; these are mineral oils that make us feel like we need to continue using the balm but is useless and contains no nutrients for healthy skin.


Norse Viking Soap is not a cheap soap. Good raw materials are expensive, which is why the soap industry replaced them with cheaper alternatives all those years ago. It’s why your skin is dry and irritated even after washing.

Instead, we bring you natural soaps made from the best ingredients possible.

Our recipes include ingredients, such as Norwegian herbs, from traditional medicine dating all the way back to the Viking age. These herbs have been used for their anti-septic and anti-bacterial qualities for thousands of years.

Viking looking at Norse Viking Soap


Do you spend a lot of money on products for your beard or hair? Consider upgrading the quality of your soap!

If your body is important to you, Norse Viking Soap will treat you well.

Our soaps last for a long time, making the price for a month’s supply of soap worth it! That said, taking good care of your soap is important. Let the soap bar dry between uses, preferably in its own soap dish where the water can pour off.


Maybe you’re content with the soap you’re using currently. Maybe you don’t think it’s a problem mass-produced soaps are made from synthetic ingredients. Maybe you don’t get dry and cracked skin often. Maybe you think our soaps are too expensive.



You know yourself and your own needs better than we do. We’ve described the differences between our soaps and the mass-produced ones you buy at a grocery store. We’re honest about the raw materials we use. You know what you pay for soaps, and you know what ours cost.

The question is: Based on what you know now, do you think you should try Norse Viking Soap?

Vi lager såpe slik såpe skal lages

We make soap the way it’s supposed to be made

Norse Viking Soap is home-made, using quality oils such as olive-, almond-, and coconut oil. Soothing shea- and cocoa butter oils are the cherry on top. Our soaps also contain 10% more oil than is chemically required to make create soap. Your skin will notice the difference.

It takes about a month and a half from our mixture is made to the first bar of soap is cut, packed, and ready for sale. All the nutrients for your skin are preserved by using the traditional cold stir-process. Anything to make the best soap possible.

To top it all off we make our soaps in Vesterålen, in northern Norway. When you buy our soap, not only do you take good care of your skin, but you also support locally made products in rural Norway.

Like many other products made from natural raw materials, our soap sadly doesn’t last forever. We recommend using your bar of soap within 24 months after production. Each bar of soap is individually marked with an expiration date.

The result...?

A better experience!

While many soap makers cut corners to save money, Norse Viking Soap charges ahead to make the best soap possible, no matter the cost. Choose your Viking scent among our selection and get ready for a soapy foam taking care of your skin as though you have just returned from battle. Washing with Norse Viking Soap is an experience that will make you want to get your hands dirty, time and time again!

Norse Viking Soap is made using only organic, vegetable oils.

We describe the contents of our soaps in precise detail, so that you’ll know exactly what is in them. No incomprehensible words or names are used to describe the nutrients that cleans and moisturizes your skin.

All our raw materials are of utmost quality. No shortcuts are taken here. Our soaps contain natural vegetable oils, essential oils, and herbs.

All soaps are made and cut by hand. That means no bar of soap is the same, a variety that speaks of true home-made passion.

Huden din fortjener det beste

You deserve a better soap, a better shower and a life without dry and irritated skin.

Take control of your soaps, become an irresistible Viking and be part of the people’s movement for natural organic ingredients!

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