Norse Viking Soap


Of course, we want you to buy Norse Viking Soap in the online store. But you can also find Viking soap at selected retailers in Norway.


The Lofoten Viking Museum is located at Borg, approximately in the middle of Lofoten. Here, the world’s longest longhouse from the Viking Age has been excavated and reconstructed in full size.

The museum shop sells both Thor’s Battle Soap and Eir’s Healing Hands.

Norse Viking Soap tar vare på huden din

Trondenes medieval farm

Trondenes medieval farm is a medieval farm complex with a barn, forge, fields, roads, fences that belonged to a northern Norwegian farm around the year 1200. King Øystein’s church also stands on the farm. It is located just outside Harstad.

The museum shop sells all varieties of Norse Viking Soap.

Viking looking at Norse Viking Soap


In Avaldsnes you will find the Nordvegen History Centre, the Viking Farm and St. Olavs church.

Nordvegen History Centre tells the story about how Avaldsnes became The First Royal Seat of Norway. Harald Fairhair, the king who unified Norway into one kingdom, will present you for princes and kings who ruled the “North way” from Avaldsnes. You will find this right outside Haugesund.

The museum shop at the Nordvegen History Center sells both Thor’s Battle Soap and Eirs Healing Hands.


Historical Museum Oslo

In Frederiks Gate 2 close to the royal castle, you will find the Historical Museum. There you will find many wonderful objects from the Viking Age if you visit the exhibition “VÍKINGR” and “Fabulous animals – from the Iron Age to the Viking Age”.

The museum shop sells all varieties of Norse Viking Soap.

Viking washing hands

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Take control of your soaps, become an irresistible Viking and be part of the people’s movement for natural organic ingredients!

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