Norse Viking Soap


Mimir, or Mime, is known as the wisest of all gods, as the guardian of the well if wisdom from which he drank every day.
His counsel is clear: You should use Norse Viking Soap. However, there are other things you should also know.


Near the middle of the Lofoten islands lies the village Borg, and the Lofotr Viking Museum. It is here the world’s greatest longhouse from the Viking age was excavated and restored to all its former glory.

The great hall is surrounded by awesome natural scenery. During summer you can sail on a longship, try out archery, and learn other important skills a Viking needs to know. Animals roam around the area, grazing just like they would have a thousand years ago.

Learn about an important part of our cultural heritage – get a glimpse of life at Borg a thousand years in the past.


Lofotr vikingmuseum

Huden din fortjener det beste

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Take control of your soaps, become an irresistible Viking and be part of the people’s movement for natural organic ingredients!

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