Norse Viking Soap


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Natural soap

Those of us behind the creation of Norse Viking Soap are slightly above average interested in natural raw materials. That is why we got the idea to make our own soap based on these organic ingredients.

We’ve been doing this for a while now, with 20 years of experience producing home-made natural soaps. We even developed our own recipes over time, which have become rather popular.

Founder Lasse Marthinussen
Kvann ved foss

Herbs from Norse times

Besides the usual ingredients for soap, Norse Viking Soap is made with Norwegian herbs also used in traditional medicine from our Norse days. These herbs have been used for their anti-septic and anti-bacterial qualities for thousands of years.

For example, Norwegian Angelica like the one pictured, was mentioned in the saga of Olav Tryggvason and was even exported and sold by merchants all over Europe during the Viking age.

Vi lager såpe slik såpe skal lages

We make soap the way it’s supposed to be made

Norse Viking Soap is home-made, using quality oils such as olive-, almond-, and coconut oil. Soothing shea- and cocoa butter oils are the cherry on top. Our soaps also contain 10% more oil than is chemically required to make create soap. Your skin will notice the difference.

It takes about a month and a half from our mixture is made to the first bar of soap is cut, packed, and ready for sale. All the nutrients for your skin are preserved by using the traditional cold stir-process. Anything to make the best soap possible.

To top it all off we make our soaps in Vesterålen, in northern Norway. When you buy our soap, not only do you take good care of your skin, but you also support locally made products in rural Norway.

Like many other products made from natural raw materials, our soap sadly doesn’t last forever. We recommend using your bar of soap within 24 months after production. Each bar of soap is individually marked with an expiration date.

The result...?

A better experience!

While many soap makers cut corners to save money, Norse Viking Soap charges ahead to make the best soap possible, no matter the cost. Choose your Viking scent among our selection and get ready for a soapy foam taking care of your skin as though you have just returned from battle. Washing with Norse Viking Soap is an experience that will make you want to get your hands dirty, time and time again!

Norse Viking Soap is made using only organic, vegetable oils.

We describe the contents of our soaps in precise detail, so that you’ll know exactly what is in them. No incomprehensible words or names are used to describe the nutrients that cleans and moisturizes your skin.

All our raw materials are of utmost quality. No shortcuts are taken here. Our soaps contain natural vegetable oils, essential oils, and herbs.

All soaps are made and cut by hand. That means no bar of soap is the same, a variety that speaks of true home-made passion.

Huden din fortjener det beste

You deserve a better soap, a better shower and a life without dry and irritated skin.

Take control of your soaps, become an irresistible Viking and be part of the people’s movement for natural organic ingredients!

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